Next Top Trader: Week 3 Update | The Strategy Of A Technical Trader

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We’re now about to launch into the 4th week of Australia’s Next Top Trader, meaning we are at the halfway mark! A lot of traders are in the green, which is great news. Our top 10 are flying, and the race for top spot is really heating up.

As usual, to start the week, we discuss the week that was on the US markets. We take a look at oil, the S&P500, the NASDAQ, and discuss the performance of our portfolios.

As well as sitting down with Matt to discuss what stocks are hot, and what aren’t so hot, we chat with Tiaan – a student from the University of Sydney, about his strategy for the competition, and broader investing approach. Tiaan has a technical approach to investing, and gives us a great insight into his way of determining which stocks to buy.

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