Next Top Trader: Week 2 Update | An Expert Look at What’s Hot & What’s Not

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With the second week of trading behind us, it’s time to recap the week that was, and look forward to what’s coming this week! The markets finished the week down, with a very bumpy ride on Friday night. Volatility shot up, gold hit highs, and utility companies performed well. Tech was hit, and weed cooled.

In this episode we:

  • review the markets in the US for the last week
  • recap the trades that we made, and how they performed
  • discuss our strategy for the coming week
  • get some professional insight into the markets from Matt
  • talk about volatility, and how it can be traded
  • look at one of the hottest stocks of the year
  • get an insight into 4 stocks that are on Matt’s watchlist

A reminder that there is still time to win the competition if you haven’t yet joined, or placed a trade. We have 4 weeks to go – a lot can happen in the markets during this time. Head to to enter.


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