Expert Investor: Viktor Shvets – Future of humanity and impact on investing

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This episode is a big one. Full of big ideas and a lot of thoughts about the future. We were joined by Viktor Shvets, Managing Director & Head of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy at Macquarie Bank and author of ‘The Great Rupture: Do we need to be free? Three empires, four turning points and the future of humanity’. Viktor has spent a lot of time thinking about the future of humanity and what that will mean for the economy and investors.

In this episode we try and unpack it all and learn from his insight. We start with what is happening in markets today – COVID, expansive monetary policy and growing government debt – and then discuss where the world is going, and touch on everything from Modern Monetary Theory, Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence and the future of work and political systems.

To purchase Viktor’s book, click here.


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