The $8 trillion ETF Provider | Balaji Gopal, Vanguard

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In this episode we continue the conversation about exchange traded funds. This time, we sat down with Balaji Gopal, who is the Head of Product Strategy at Vanguard Australia. Vanguard has AUD $8 trillion under management, and is one of the largest ETF providers in the world.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the most challenging aspect of Balaji’s role is
  • What makes Vanguard’s operating model different from other ETF providers
  • The factors that influence portfolio holdings, and new ETF decisions
  • The difference between Vanguard’s retail funds and ETFs, and how they stack up against each other
  • How investors should differentiate between ETFs that track the same index
  • What cost factors go into running an ETF
  • If Vanguard plans to bring more factor and exotic ETFs to market

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