Future Expert Investor: Usman Khawaja – Lessons Learned From Investing Right Before COVID-19

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This was such a fun episode! When we noticed that Usman Khawaja was part of the Equity Mates community, we reached out to see where he was at on his investing journey. It turned out that he’d just started, and had put money in the markets right before the COVID-19 crash in March. Given that it was the fastest crash in history, we thought Usman would have some lessons to share, so we got him on to chat.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Usman’s first equity investment
  • What attracted Usman to the stock market
  • If the boys in the cricket change rooms also get around stocks!
  • Usman’s investing philosophy
  • His ‘mistake’ with Afterpay
  • What’s in his portfolio, and what stocks he likes looking at
  • How he determines what to buy
  • Plus much more!


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