What To Do With Your Tax Return | Spend, Save, Invest?

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Tax time. Hopefully, a time of year you receive a nice return from the government. The question is, what should you do with your tax return?

Treat yourself? Pay down debts? Invest the whole lot? There are a lot of things you can do with your tax return – some, perhaps, more fruitful than others. In this episode, we talk about what we have done with our tax returns, and then we check in with three of our Expert Investors from the Equity Mates Community, to see what they will do with theirs.

You will hear from:

Louise Bedford –  trading expert, a best-selling author, a trading mentor, a keynote speaker, and a Queen of Candlesticks

Ted Richards – a premiership player with the Sydney Swans, and now Director of Business Development at automated investment firm Six Park

Mark Bernberg – a long-time cannabis investing enthusiast and founder of The Green Fund, Asia Pacific’s preeminent media house

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