Summer Series #3 – GPT Group

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Welcome to the Equity Mates Summer Series. As we take a break over the Christmas period, we will be releasing a series of deep-dive episodes to keep you going until we’re back in the New Year. A couple of weeks ago, we randomly generated 5 ASX ticker codes and will discuss one company per episode.

In this episode we discuss GPT Group (ASX Code: GPT).

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is
  • The real estate assets that GPT Group own and manage
  • How the downturn in the residential housing market has affected GPT’s assets and share price
  • What are some of the key metrics you use when examining a REIT
  • How to read a REIT’s financial statement, and why the net profit number can be misleading
  • How the market values REIT’s
  • The key differences between a Real Estate ETF and a Real Estate Investment Trust
  • A few different ways you can short the real estate market

Stocks and Resources Discussed:


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