Expert Investor: Rory Lucas – Investing with Purpose

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Happy 300th episode Equity Mates! We’ve got a special episode for you to mark this awesome milestone.

Rory Lucas may have the best job in Australian finance. As the Chief Investment Officer of Hearts & Minds Investments, he is responsible for taking some of the best ideas from the greatest investors in Australia and around the world and managing them in a listed investment company (ASX: HM1).

Hearts & Minds Investments is a unique listed investment company. It has been set up to support a variety of different charitable causes in Australia. The way it works? Every year, the best investors in Australia pitch their best investment ideas at the Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference. Rory takes these ideas, invests in them through HM1 and instead of taking a management fee, every year 1.5% of the fund’s assets under management are donated to charity.

This year the 2020 Sohn Hearts & Minds conference is taking place on 13 November 2020, so we thought this was the perfect time to sit down with Rory and learn more about the Hearts & Minds conference and listed investment company.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Rory’s background in finance and his first investment
  • Rory’s investing philosophy
  • The story of how the Hearts & Minds Conference started
  • How Hearts & Minds uses investing to support a number of charitable causes
  • The split of the Hearts & Minds portfolio between the core portfolio and conference portfolio
  • The six heavyweight Australian investors that manage the HM1 core portfolio
  • The conference process and how the stocks pitched get added to HM1
  • Some of the most notable companies pitched at previous conferences
  • How the plans for the 2020 conference have been affected by COVID-19

As a special offer for the Equity Mates community, we are excited to offer 20% off the ticket price for the 2020 Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference. This offer is only available for the first 25 Equity Mates to use this code, so get in quick!

How to claim this offer:

  • Head to the Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference page
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  • The ticket price should drop to $400 (down from $500)
  • Fill in your details and complete the checkout process

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