Expert Investor: Rory Cunningham – Lessons from the 2020 ASX Investor Study

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Every year, the ASX survey Australian investors to take the pulse of the Australian investment community. They look at who’s investing, what they’re focusing on and trends that are emerging throughout the investor landscape. The ASX have just released their 2020 study and we were joined by Rory Cunningham to discuss what they found.

Rory is the Senior Manager of Investment Products at the ASX. He is responsible for expanding the range of investment products that are available on the ASX and for making these products more accessible to investors throughout Australia. Prior to joining the ASX, Rory held positions at Fidelity Investments and Perpetual Investments. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA from the University of Sydney.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is the ASX Investor Study
  • How it is done, and how COVID affected it this year
  • The key lessons from the 2020 edition of the ASX Investor Study
  • Some of the key trends that are emerging amongst Australian investors
  • Why Australians are investing
  • How investor behaviour has changed during COVID
  • How Rory expects investing trends to evolve over the coming years

You can read the full 2020 ASX Investor Study here.


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    Can you let me know which episode was Rory referring when asked about the Australian property market?

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