Expert Investor: Robert Francis – eToro MD talks zero commission US trades

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At Equity Mates, we hate fees. This makes us big fans of any company looking to reduce the cost of investing for everyday investors. Which is why we were excited to get the Managing Director of eToro Australia, Robert Francis, on the podcast.

Robert has had a long career in finance. Before Robert joined eToro in June, 2017, he worked for 13 years in retail currency trading and CFD markets. Robert also worked for Australia’s leading online stock broker, Commonwealth Securities, where he ran the Exchange Traded Options desk as well as the International Trading Desk. He has also worked for leading companies in the financial market, such as TD Waterhouse, Astley and Pearce, and Exco International.

eToro have recently announced zero commission trades on all US stocks, and in this show we unpack what that means for Australian investors. In particular we hear what effect zero commission trading has on investor psychology and whether we’re seeing a price war in the retail brokerage space (similar to what the US went through a few years ago). We also unpack the recent coronavirus-affected markets and the investor behaviour that Robert has observed at eToro during this period.

If you’re interested in finding out more about eToro’s zero commission US trade – check them out here.


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