EM Chat: What to Watch For in Reporting Season

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Reporting season is the favourite time of the year for most investors. As shareholders in public companies, we are owners of the businesses, and at different points every year the business lets its owns (us) know how its going.

In America most companies report quarterly (i.e. 4 times per year) and in Australia it is generally every 6 months (i.e. twice per year). As most Australian companies follow the financial year calendar (July to June), companies report their First Half Results (July to December) in February and then Full Year Results (July to June) in August.

As we’re right at the end of this February reporting season, we thought we’d release an episode sharing what we’ve been watching and how we approach reporting season. We also update on some themes and companies that caught our eye this time around.


  1. Could you please share the show notes? interested in checking out some of the companies mentioned.

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