Expert Investor: Qiao Ma And The Investment Thesis For Shenzhou International

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Qiao is the Portfolio Manager of the Asian Equities Fund at Cooper Investors, an Australian-based, long-only investment manager with over $12 billion assets under management. 

Prior to starting at Cooper in 2017, Qiao spent several years investing in the technology and consumer sectors across Asia and the US. 

She worked at Lehman Brothers, Coatue Management and was Head of Asia for Jericho Capital, a multi-billion dollar global investment fund based in New York. 

Qiao was a presenter at the 2020 Sohn Hearts and Minds conference where she pitched Shenzhou International.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The incredible story of Qiao’s first investment
  • What is was like working at Lehman Brothers during the GFC
  • The investing philosophy at Cooper’s Investment
  • Why Asia is a focus for opportunity for Qiao
  • The investment thesis for Shenzhou International
  • Plus so much more!

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