58. Portfolio Deep Dive

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Following on from the last episode, where we discussed three important elements for building an investment portfolio, we deep dive into our own portfolios to compare our strategies and see if they align with our investing goals.

We both have similar long-term goals, yet the way we approach constructing our investment portfolios are quite different, based on our risk appetite, asset classes and our short-term view of the market.

One of us is heavy in cash, expecting the market to turn, and wanting to be in a position to pounce. The other is well diversified across direct stock picks, hybrids, and gold. We look at what the strategies are behind our portfolios and what our next moves are.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How we have approached our portfolio construction over the past few years
  • How our portfolio reflects our long-term investing goals
  • What a hybrid is, and why Alec has invested in them

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