EM Portfolio: Our Hypothetical Portfolio Is Revived & Reviewed

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Way back when we started Equity Mates we also started a hypothetical portfolio. We would add a new stock each week/month, but as we got busier, we put it on the sidelines.

In this episode we revive the hypothetical portfolio. It’s been sitting there, untouched, since 2017, which is why you will see some questionable stocks in there, as well as some that have done very well. We also use this episode to introduce you to the idea of the Equity Mates Portfolio.

Over the next few months we want to build the portfolio with your help. We’ll be setting some rules of engagement, and then reaching out to the Equity Mates community to help add stocks to the portfolio. We’ll also be building a ‘core’ portfolio of ETFs and index funds that we can use to track performance.

To submit your ideas, hit us up via email, or our social channels.


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