Finding Value In Global Markets | Peter Wilmshurst

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Ever wondered what the day in the life of a portfolio manager looks like? Well in this episode you will find out!

We were lucky to grab some time with Peter Wilmshurst, Portfolio Manager at Templeton Global Growth Fund (ASX: TGG).  Templeton Global Growth Fund is a Listed Investment Company (LIC), listing in Australia in 1987, however, they have a global approach, investing in some of the world’s better-known brands.

Peter has a strong focus on finding value in his investments. In other words, finding companies that are cheap. With markets currently at all-time highs, Peter gave some fascinating insight into how a value investor approaches market cycles, spreading their investments across different industries at different points in the cycle.

Peter is incredibly experienced, and in this episode, you will learn:

  • The story of Peter’s first investment, and his journey to portfolio manager at Templeton
  • What Peter’s investing philosophy is, and how it may have changed over the years
  • How Peter is currently approaching value-investing
  • What a LIC is, and the advantages & disadvantages of them compared to unlisted funds
  • How Peter finds stocks and manages drinking from the firehose of information
  • Some of the key metrics used to value a company
  • About the importance of reading

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