Expert Investor: Pete Matthew – The Main Pillars Of A Long-Term Portfolio

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Pete Matthew is a chartered financial planner in th UK. He’s Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management and a titan in the podcast space – hosting Meaningful Money – a podcast, and education platform, to help ‘make sense of your money’.

This is an awesome episode – one of our favourite interviews recently, because we verge into the personal finance space. One of the important aspects of beginning your investing journey is to ensure you get your money right first. This involves having a strategy and a mindset, and sticking to it. Pete talks us through some of the strategies that he encourages his clients to use, to build wealth over a long period of time – using passive, multi-asset investments.

We also touch on:

  • The main pillars of a portfolio you would establish for a 22 year old to add to over time
  • The FIRE movement
  • Using leverage as a millennial
  • Reinvesting income
  • Goal setting, and using stocks to achieve them
  • Common biases that people should avoid

We asked the Equity Mates community for questions for Pete, and have asked them throughout the interview.

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