Talking All Things Bonds | Mates Of Equity Mates w/ Knes

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It’s with great excitement that we’ve been able to return to our Mates of Equity Mates series, with a special on bonds.

This one is a little different to the last, with Kip. In this episode, we sit down with a good mate from university, Knes, who is now heavily involved in the bonds industry. Bonds has been an asset we’ve wanted to explore a little deeper, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Knes has a lot of knowledge about bonds, and breaks it all down for us so we can wrap our heads around it – hopefully, you can too!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What bonds are
  • How bonds differ from equities
  • The size of the bond market vs the global equity market
  • How bond pricing works
  • What is meant by the terms coupon, floating and fixed
  • What a hybrid is and how they differ from bonds
  • How you can access the bond market as a retail investor

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