Mastermind #1 | Stock Picking w/ Julia Lee

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Wow, this episode is a cracker!

Julia Lee is an Australian Equities Analyst at Bell Direct, and loves talking about stocks. We’re so excited to have her back on the show.

The last time we spoke with Julia, it was such a success we had to get her back on. So this is the first episode of our Equity Mates Mastermind sessions.

How does it work?

Each month, Ren (Alec) & Bryce will come together with Julia, and each pitch a stock we think is either interesting, be it due to its business model, its opportunity for growth or perhaps its management, or that we think presents a good investment opportunity. Please note, in no way is this a buy, hold, or sell recommendation, and doing your own research on any stocks discussed is critical, this is general information and discussion only. The idea of these sessions is to expose you to the different ways in which we think about companies, and go about researching them, and to obviously learn from Julia, who has a ton of experience. We’re hoping to get Julia’s thoughts on our approaches.

Unfortunately, Ren couldn’t be with us for the inaugural session, but he’ll make up for it when we meet again soon.

Stocks and resources discussed:

  • Lynas (LYC.ASX) – Lynas Corporation, Ltd. is an Australian rare-earths mining company
  • Breville Group (BRG.ASX) – Breville Group Limited today is a global electrical business, centered around its successful and growing Breville brand
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  • Follow Julia’s insights at Bell Direct

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