Expert Investor: Julia Lee – Mastermind #5

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We are once again joined by Julia Lee, CIO of Burman Invest, for our monthly mastermind episode. In this episode we each pitch a stock, and discuss it with the group. We also take the opportunity to get Julia’s thoughts on the coronavirus and the effect that they’re having on markets. (Important note: this episode was recorded on 24 February 2020. This was at the start of the market falls we have seen since).

This month, the stocks discussed are:

  • Lend Lease (ASX: LLC)
  • JB Hi-Fi (ASX:JBH)
  • Clover Corp (ASX: CLV)

Please remember: Stocks discussed in this episode are not Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations. We are not aware of your personal financial circumstances and you should not trade on the back of any discussions you hear. When you invest your own money is at risk, do your own research, speak to your own adviser, and never blindly follow what you hear in the media.

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