The Biggest Investing Opportunity Since The Creation Of The Internet | Mark Bernberg

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The Cannabis industry has been on our radar for a while now, but it’s still so early on in its growth (pun intended). There’s a lot to learn about the industry, and we believe it’s important to start understanding it now, as the investing opportunities are potentially immense. That’s why we sat down with founder and CIO of the Green Fund, Mark Bernberg.

The Green Fund is a global research house, covering the global cannabis industry with a specific focus on the APAC region. Mark also runs a fund, specifically investing in cannabis, for sophisticated investors. He has a deep knowledge of the industry and provides us with some fascinating insight into the future growth trajectory of the cannabis industry.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What sparked Mark’s interest in medical marijuana
  • Some of the key stats about the industry: value, projected growth and some of the big players
  • Why you should back out of investing in the supply side
  • The environment in Australia, and the role we’ll play as the industry grows
  • Where investor’s money is flowing at the moment
  • How you can get exposure to the industry as a beginner investor
  • Why the retail and pharama spaces are the one sto watch for future investing opportunities

Stocks and resources discussed:

  • The Green Fund – Mark’s research house
  • Mark’s Paper Portfolio
  • Canopy Growth
  • Aurora Cannabis
  • Tilray
  • Cronos
  • CannTrust
  • ETF – Horizons HMMJ – Largest in the world

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