Is There Value In A Financial Advisor? | Jodie Hampshire

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Is there value in a financial advisor? We got Jodie Hampshire on to help us find out.

Jodie is Managing Director of Russell Investments, Australia – a global asset manager with $400m under management across the world. She is also a member of the firm’s Australia Leadership Team and the Russell Global Council. Russell Investments has just released a new Managed Account offering, so we spend some time discussing how they differ from your traditional managed account.

However, the main reason for getting Jodie on, was to discuss their Value Of An Advisor Report. The report looks holistically at the real value advisers deliver for their clients—from the knowledge and expertise required to help clients build personalised portfolios, to the support they provide when market conditions change. Advisors aren’t for everyone, but sometimes it’s hard to know just what value an advisor can actually give you. It’s here that we try to find out.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Who Russell Investments are, and;
  • Their investing philosophy
  • About their new Managed Account Offering – how it’s different, and what they offer
  • How the report defines advice, and;
  • The distinction between the advisors in the report and investment-only advice
  • About the ABC’s of advisor value
  • How retail investors access advisors
  • If there a minimum asset requirement before it is worth it
  • The key things retail investors should be looking at when choosing a financial advisor
  • What the future of financial advice may look like in a more technology-driven world and the role Robo-Advice may play

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