Expert Investor: Jesse Felder – The effect of coronavirus on different assets

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Based in the US, Jesse Felder co-founded a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and is now prolific on financial twitter and publishes The Felder Report. Last time Jesse was on the podcast he offered insights into a variety of different asset classes. So when we wanted to understand what was happening across different asset classes in this current coronavirus shutdown, we thought there was no one better to speak to than Jesse.

In this interview we ask Jesse for his thoughts on a number of different asset classes: US equities, non-US equities, bonds, currencies, commodities including precious metals and even real estate.

Jesse also shares his view on the government’s intervention in the financial markets and what the consequences of recent Central Bank and Government action could be. He also explains where he’s seeing investing opportunities in today’s markets.

We finish by asking Jesse for a ‘bold prediction’ for 2020 and he indulges us, making a prediction for where the US market will end the year.

What more from Jesse? Check him out on Twitter or at his website The Felder Report.

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