Investing with Leverage: Increasing your risk and your returns

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One of the biggest takeaways from our Sydney live show was the potential of investing with leverage. In a night where there was some healthy disagreement amongst the panel (in particular on investing v trading, and on short-selling) there was general agreement that leverage can be a useful tool for young people investing with a long time horizon.

Leverage is simply the act of investing with someone else’s money. It increases risk, but it also increases potential returns. The best example of investing with leverage, that most people are familiar with, is a mortgage. When buying a house you put down a deposit and then use the bank’s money for the rest of the purchase. Using leverage in the share market follows the same principle.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What leverage means in an investing context
  • The benefits of investing with leverage
  • The risks of leverage
  • Two different types of leverage – internal and external
  • Levered ETF’s – what are they, and why isn’t Ren a big fan
  • How you can invest with the bank’s money and the risks and benefits

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