51. Investing For Tomorrow | Technology, Hackers, Sustainability

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Can you believe that a casino got hacked via a digital thermometer in one of it’s fish tanks?

Our final episode in our three part series on exchange traded funds (ETFs) with BetaShares is a cracker! We sit down with Adam who is Manager of Distribution and Capital Markets to discuss Investing In Tomorrow – Technology, Hackers and Sustainability.

The beauty of ETFs is that you don’t have to choose one company, or stress or about picking the right one. If you have identified a theme in society, a trend that you think is going to do well, then it’s more than likely an ETF will exist that will give you the opportunity to invest in that trend.

We discuss three big themes with Adam that we believe are themes of the future, and have companies that are, and will be, the biggest in the world going forward.

Technology – we look at how technology is shaping our world, and which companies are right there in the middle of it.

Cybersecurity – this was the most exciting part of the conversation as it opened our eyes to the huge possibilities that exist in investing in cybersecurity. This industry is already huge, but it’s going to get drastically bigger, and fast. We look at the best ways to get access to this industry and some of the companies leading the charge.

Sustainability – investing in companies that are engaged in sustainable activities is becoming increasingly important to many investors. Some don’t want to invest in businesses who use fossil fuels, or fund mining companies for controversial projects. We dive into investing sustainably and look at the surprising success of this theme.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How you can access the NASDAQ via an ETF, and get access to the top 100 tech stocks
  • How big tech companies are evolving and changing the world
  • What impact privacy regulations may have on the likes of Facebook and Google
  • How and why cybersecurity is growing very quickly
  • Some of the more elaborate ways that companies have been hacked
  • What sustainable investing is, and why it’s important
  • How companies are screened for the sustainable funds
  • The returns for the sustainable funds are quite surprising

Stocks and resources discussed:

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