Bonus Episode: GYG & The Ambitions Of Going Public

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In this episode we continue our exploration of Initial Public Offerings (IPO). In the last bonus episode, we got an in-depth understanding of the IPO process at TDM Growth Partners from one of the co-founders, Tom Cowan. We thought it’d be a great idea for Tom to talk us through a real life example of a company considering an IPO.

We were pumped to have Steven Marks join us in the studio – the founder and CEO of Guzman y Gomez. It has been an ambition of Steven’s to one day take GYG public, so we sat down with him to understand the journey of GYG, what about GYG made it an interesting investment for TDM, and Steve’s thoughts about a potential IPO.

Again, this was such a fascinating interview – to have two passionate experts in the studio sharing their knowledge and stories was incredible and we hope you get something out of this interview.

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