Summer Series: Gage Roads Brewing Co (ASX: GRB)

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In this episode we continue with our 2019/20 Summer Series, where we take a shallow-dive into companies that have been selected by the Equity Mates community. We had 180 submissions for companies to explore, so randomly picked 10.

The idea of these episodes is to show how you can begin to research a company, where to look for information and what are some of the key things to consider.

For this episode we are unpacking Gage Road Brewing Company. Australia’s largest independent brewer, Gage Road is competing in the highly-competitive and heavily-concentrated Australian beer industry. With some recent acquisitions, including Matso’s Ginger Beer, we look at Gage’s prospects and question whether they are ready to compete with the brewing giants – Coopers, Asahi and Kirin.

In this episode we:

  • discuss what the company does
  • take a look at their financial position and financial summary
  • breakdown some key elements of their business model
  • have a crack at a valuation
  • close with a fun fact

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