41. Free Brokerage? It’s no miSTAKE | CEO Matt Leibowitz

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There’s a new player in town and they’re offering free brokerage if you want to buy stocks in the United States! And I mean, who doesn’t? With some of the world’s biggest companies, largest markets and exciting new technologies, the States offers a fantastic opportunity for Australian investors. But how do you get into the markets in the US, I hear you ask? Gone are the days of paying hefty brokerage fees through your local broker for international shares, because now you can buy through STAKE – a fantastic new Australian company offering all Australians the ability to buy stocks on the markets in America, with no brokerage! And there’s no catch!

Stake was the brain child of CEO Matt Leibowitz, an energetic, and incredibly experienced, trader. Matt is one with the markets.  He lives and breathes them. Having spent time trading with Optiver over in the States, Matt realised that Australians were missing out, so on returning home, he set about creating Stake.

In our interview with Matt discuss everything from his early days as a lawyer, and the transition to trader, through to his current views on volatility, and his hot buy/hold/sells.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Stake is, and why it’s shaking up the industry in Australia
  • The best time to use a stop loss
  • Strategies for protecting your portfolio in a downturn
  • How Matt has gone from trader to businessman
  • Matt’s biggest learning after trading through the GFC
  • Matt’s ‘must reads’ to become a better investor

The best part? Stake is offering to help start your journey. If you create and fund a trading account (it takes 2 minutes), they’ll put $25 bucks in. Considering you can buy partial shares with them, that’s 1.6% of an Amazon share, for free! Click here to redeem

How it works: Set up a funded Stake account and they’ll top up your account in USD. You’ll get an email when the $25 top-up has arrived! If you don’t receive the the top-up within a week of sign-up, then shoot them an email. It’s that easy!

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