Expert Investor: Fred Schebesta On Building Companies, Leading Teams and Crypto

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Fred Schebesta is the Co-founder of – Australia’s most visited comparison site. He is also the founder of HiveEx.con, a cryptocurrency brokerage. He was EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017, Blockchain Entrepreneur pf the Year 2019 and Business Insider’s 2016 Coolest 100 People in Australian Tech. He also appeared on AFR’s Young Rich List 2019.

This was a highly entertaining and colourful conversation with Fred, as he joined us from the Finder offices in Poland! We wanted to focus in on Fred’s entrepreneurial journey, from starting companies in university to being one of the richest young entrepreneurs in Australia.

Our conversation begins with an interesting story explaining why there is a samurai sword hanging outside the kitchen in the Finder office, and why there is a robotic handbag hanging next to it…

Finder have also launched a new finance app that tracks your spending, hunts down savings, and sends you alerts – automatically 24/7. We discuss how this is finally bringing to life the vision of Finder that Fred had when he started it.

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