Next Top Trader: Final Update & Market Recap

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Over the past six weeks, we’ve been watching some of Australia’s best university students battle it out for the title of ‘Australia’s Next Top Trader’. With the competition finished, we’ve recorded this episode to wrap it up and look back on the past 6 weeks. While we’re not ready to announce the competition winner, we can announce the winner of the competition within the competition: who won between Bryce and Ren?

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The movement of major US markets over the past 6 weeks and how that compared to Australia
  • Oil’s incredible run and how some of the major indices are tracking
  • Notable highlights from last week’s quarterly earnings results announcements
  • What you should be watching in US markets over the coming weeks
  • How Bryce and Ren ended the Next Top Trader Competition
  • The key lessons the boys learnt from the past 6 weeks

Stocks and Resources Discussed:

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