India, Asian Tech Giants & European Blue Chips | ETFs of 2019 w/ BetaShares

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If you’re new to the show – welcome. You’ve chosen a great episode to start you journey with Equity Mates. This episode is a cracker. We had a great conversation with the Co-Founder and Head of Strategy and Marketing at BetaShares, Ilan Israelstam.

The ETF market continues to grow at pace, and the options between theme-specific and broad-market ETFs are starting to become endless for investors. BetaShares have released a number of interesting and appealing ETFs over the past 12 months so we decided to check-in with them to discuss their latest funds, and to address a number of questions that have come directly from the Equity Mates community.

For an intro to the basics of ETFs, listen to our first conversation with Ilan.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The process BetaShares go through to develop a new ETF
  • Why now is perhaps the time to be investing in India
  • How the FTSE 100 gives exposure to some of the biggest brand names in the world
  • Why Japan is excluded from the Asian Technology Tigers ETF (ASIA)
  • How the costs of ETF’s are determined
  • If BetaShares foresee ETF fees going to zero
  • How investors should think about topic-specific ETFs vs broad market ETFs
  • How to navigate the 1000’s of ETFs now available on the markets
  • Who won the ETF Building competition our of Bryce and Alec

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