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It’s an Industry Deep Dive episode! And it begins with a bit of a debate between Bryce and Ren about the very definition of today’s chat – Infrastructure – and just what qualifies?

To settle it, we looked to Macquarie, who say: “Infrastructure provides essential products or services which are necessary to support economic and social activity… Infrastructure typically has a strong strategic position (such as monopoly or duopoly). This is because significant capital is usually required to construct the assets, resulting in high barriers to entry for would-be competitors.“

And infrastructure is a favourite sector for Buffett as well, who said his favourite investment was the ‘only toll road into town’.

As promised, here’s the links and lists that Bryce mentioned:

  • Listed Funds
  • ETFS Global Core Infrastructure (CORE)
  • VanEck Vectors FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) (IFRA)
  • Magellan Infrastructure Fund (Hedged) (MICH)
  • Vanguard Global Infrastructure Index (VBLD)
  • Individual companies (ASX ticker) – ASX Sector
  • Transurban (TCL) – Highways & Railtracks 
  • Sydney Airport (SYD) – Airport Services
  • APA Group (APA) – Gas Utilities
  • AusNet Services (AST) – Electric Utilities
  • Infigen Energy (IFN) – Independent Power Producers & Energy Trader
  • Atlas Arteria (ALX) – Highways & Railtracks
  • Spark Infrastructure Group (SKI) – Electric Utilities

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