Expert Investor: Ed Cowan Talks Unconstrained Investing w/ TDM Growth Partners

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You may have heard of Ed Cowan due to his success as a professional cricketer. However, what you probably didn’t know is that he has a passion for investing and high-performing cultures, and is part of the successful investment team at TDM Growth Partners.

TDM Growth Partners are a global investment firm, who invests in fast-growing companies. What was of interest to us is their unique mandate – unconstrained investing. For Ed and the team at TDM, they look for opportunities across the world, and they have very long-term time horizons.

In the conversation, you will learn:

  • How Ed pursued a passion for cricket and finance
  • The story of Ed’s side-hustle, Tripod Coffee
  • The story of how TDM started
  • How TDM took $1m to over $1bn in assets under management
  • TDM investment philosophy and approach, and what makes them unique
  • Examples of some of the companies TDM invest in

As you will hear in the show, Ed is also the founder of Tripod Coffee – Australia’s most sustainable coffee pod. Check it out here.

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