Earnings Season Around the World

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There is a big, wide world of opportunity out there, and one of the biggest mistakes investors can make is to not explore it. This mistake, when an investor only invests in their home market, is known as ‘home country bias’. Think about it this way – Australia is 2% of the total value of the global share market. So if you only invest in Australia, you’re missing out on the other 98% of the possible investing universe. Even the US – the largest share market in the world – is less than half of the global share market.

So to explore the world of investing, today’s episode is taking a look at earnings season around the world. We often speak about the Australian market and American market on this show – so we’re avoiding these two countries. Instead we’re heading to Europe, Asia and South America to take a look at what caught our eye in earnings season around the world.

In this episode you will learn:

  • England: About one of the world’s largest alcohol brands you may never have heard of
  • Europe: What negative interest rates have meant for European banks
  • Germany: How Volkswagen have rebounded since their emissions scandal in 2015
  • Hong Kong: What the US-China trade war and recent government protests have meant for Hong Kong listed companies
  • Brazil: How one of the world’s largest paper companies is performing
  • Argentina: How Latin America’s version of Amazon.com is managing Argentina’s currency crisis

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