Summer Series #4 – Doriemus PLC (ASX: DOR)

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Welcome to another episode of Equity Mates’ Summer Series. As we take a break over the Christmas period, we’re releasing a series of deep-dive episodes to keep you going until we’re back in the New Year. We’ve randomly generated 5 ASX ticker codes and will discuss one company per episode. The aim of the series is to show how we go about researching a company, and how we begin to formulate a thesis.

In this episode, we discuss Doriemus PLC (ASX Code: DOR), a British oil and gas company.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The main functions of Doriemus PLC
  • How it differs from your traditional oil and gas company
  • Why understanding the skills of the management team is important
  • The companies key financials and how they differ to previous years
  • How to apply a valuation method to an oil company
  • What impact little to no revenue has on the valuation of the company
  • The resources and processes we used to find all of this information

Stocks and resources discussed:

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