Expert Investor: David Koch Talks Personal Finance, and Markets in 2020

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David James Koch nicknamed “Kochie” is an Australian television presenter best known as a host of the Seven Network’s breakfast program Sunrise. From Adelaide, he began his media career as a financial journalist, writing for a number of different publications before eventually moving to television. He’s also the Chairman of the Port Adelaide Football Club.

While you most likely know him as one of the faces of Sunrise, Kochie is actually a financial nerd at heart. We were surprised to hear the Sunrise is really only his side hustle..! He’s written a book titled “Kochie’s 11-Step Money Plan For A Better Life“, and through his family business Pinstripe Media, has recently launched ausbiz – a dedicated business streaming channel in Australia.

We sat down with Kochie to explore personal finance, his views on the current market environment, and of course we couldn’t help but ask about his role in the AFL.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How David came to be host of Sunrise
  • How he became passion about finance
  • About his time producing Britain’s Rich list, and his journey in financial media
  • Why he started ausbiz
  • What’s missing in Australian financial media
  • Kochie’s thought on the current market conditions
  • How to navigate the current market and potential recessions to follow
  • Some clear steps to take to get your money in order
  • How COVID-19 is going to have a significant impact on the AFL, and what they’re doing about it
  • What ‘Earn more; Cut Expenses; Invest Wisely’ means

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