Classic Episode: Tobias Carlisle – A Strategy to Beat Buffett | Deep Value Investing

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With Ren off in Fiji, we’ve decided to re-release one of our favourite episodes. A conversation with expert investor Tobias Carlisle, an Australian deep value investor now based in the United States. Original show notes and links below.
Tobias Carlisle has taken an interesting path to get where he is today. Starting his career as a lawyer in Queensland, Tobias is now a world-renowned value investor based in California. He has achieved a lot of recognition in the value investing community for his books Quantitative Value (2012), Deep Value (2014) and Concentrated Investing (2016). We spoke to him about the release of his latest book The Acquirers Multiple that distills a lot of his key concepts into one easy-to-read book aimed at non-investors.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The strategy Tobias uses that when backtested actually beats Warren Buffett and Joel Greenblatt’s strategies
  • How Tobias made the change from a lawyer in Queensland to a value investor in California
  • Why deep value investing has stood the test of time
  • The idea of ‘broken legs’ and how Tobias eliminates them from his thinking
  • How the Australian market compares to the rest of the world

Stocks and Resources Discussed:


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