Expert Investor: Christopher Joye – Fixed-Interest Investing & The Importance Of Understanding China

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Christopher Joye is well-known as one of Australia’s leading economists, policy advisors and fund managers. He is the Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager at Coolabah Capital Investments.

Christopher founded Coolabah Capital in 2011 and leads the portfolio management effort that has produced one of Australia’s top short-term fixed-interest capabilities. Christopher is also a Contributing Editor with The Australian Financial Review. Christopher previously worked for Goldman Sachs in London and Sydney, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and was the founder of an award‐winning research and investment group, Rismark International. In 2009 The Australian newspaper selected Christopher as one of Australia’s top 10 “Emerging Leaders” in its economic/wealth category. In 2007 Christopher was selected by The Bulletin magazine as one of Australia’s “10 Smartest CEOs” and by BRW Magazine as one of “Australia’s Top 10 Innovators”.

In this episode:

  • we discuss what fixed-income investing is
  • we go back to some of the basics, to understand investing in bonds
  • unpack Chris’ investing philosophy
  • we talk about the role of fixed-income in a beginner portfolio
  • Chris shares his views on the Australian housing market, the US election, and China’s decoupling from the West
  • understand why it is important to know that Xi Jinping is 180cm tall!
  • Plus much more

Follow Chris on Twitter, or check out Coolabah Capital’s website.


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