How To Save And Invest Your Way To Retirement | Chris Reining

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We all dream of retiring early, don’t we? One of our broader goals for investing, at Equity Mates, is to use stocks as a way of removing the need to rely on a pay cheque later in life. However, developing a substantial investment portfolio, that generates enough income for you to retire, can appear quite daunting, and maybe unachievable. Particularly if you have a mortgage, dependencies, or an inconsistent income stream.

The good news is, however, there are steps and some simple investing principles you can follow to get yourself on track to building that investment portfolio. This episode we chat with Chris Reining who has done exactly what we aspire to do – he saved, invested and then retired by the age of 37. Yes, 37! Chris now spends time doing what he loves, and not working in the corporate world.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Chris studied at university
  • How Chris used his entrepreneurial flair and started a few businesses
  • About the pivotal moment in which Chris decided to say farewell to corporate life and start building towards financial independence
  • About Chris’ saving strategy, and how he went from saving 10% of income to over 50% of his income
  • What the investing strategy was – what Chris invested in, how often he was investing, what his investing principles were
  • What some of the most important characteristics are that you need if you’re to embark on this journey
  • How you should think about superannuation as a millennial

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