Expert Investor: Chris Judd – Micro Caps from a Major Name

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In this episode we speak to former AFL premiership captain, dual-Brownlow medalist and 6x All-Australian – Chris Judd. Most Australians will known Chris for his exploits on the football field, ending his career as an all-time legend. Fewer Australians will know Chris for his career post-football. That is what we get into in this conversation.

Chris has established himself as a notable micro-cap investor. Micro-cap’s are smaller than small caps – the smallest of the small public companies. In this episode we unpack how Chris got interested in this area of the market and how the investing process differs from investing in bigger companies. At the same time, Chris also hosts an investing podcast and YouTube series (links below), and we unpack the lessons he’s learnt speaking to some of Australia’s best fund managers.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Chris got interested in investing and balanced this interest with playing footy
  • Why Chris banned himself from reading the AFR on game day
  • The definition of a micro-cap stock
  • How the Australian micro-cap sector compares to the rest of the world
  • Chris’ process for investing in micro-cap stocks
  • The lessons Chris has learnt from interviewing some of Australia’s best fund managers
  • Any traits he’s noticed that are common amongst them

Stocks & Resources Discussed:

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