57. How To Build A Great Investment Portfolio

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How to build a great investment portfolio? – it’s easier than you think! There is no real hidden secret that only the professionals know about when it comes to building a successful investment portfolio. A portfolio is the total collection of assets that you invest in to create wealth. Now, it doesn’t have to always be shares. Many portfolios of the best investors around the world are made up of different asset classes, from cash to bonds and property.

This episode we debunk the myth that you need to be an expert to start building a great portfolio. The truth is, it’s simple, as long as you’re dedicated, do your own research and are prepared to have some fun. We discuss the three building blocks that we think are fundamental to building a portfolio and that are achievable for the beginner.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What the three components are that make the foundations for a strong investment portfolio
  • What Bryce and Alec’s investing goals are, and if their portfolios are set up to achieve them
  • The difference between Growth, Income and Protection portfolios
  • Some of the most common asset classes that make up many investor’s portfolios

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