83. Liar’s Poker – Book Club #1

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Welcome to the inaugural Equity Mates Book Club! As we speak to more and more expert investors, we keep hearing the same thing – the importance of reading. So we’ve started our own Equity Mates Book Club so you can join us in reading and discussing some of the best investing books around. Hopefully, it makes the task of learning about investing just that little more enjoyable.

First up, we have Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis. Lewis is the best-selling author of Moneyball and The Big Short. This is his first book, about his time at Salomon Brothers – a bond trading firm in the 1980’s. Salomon was a high-flying firm that lived up to a lot of stereotypes of Wall Street in the 1980’s until it all came crashing down.

To keep up with the Book Club, see past and future month’s reads and to buy any of the books we discuss – check out our Book Club link below.


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