Bonus Ep: Hearing from Beginner Investors – Mates of Equity Mates

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We’ve got plenty of time while self-isolated, so what better to do than make more bonus content. In this episode we call a few of our mates and hear their thoughts on what’s happening in markets.

First of all, we call our mate Alf – a fellow investor and the creator of the Equity Mates logo and theme song (get around him for that!) We hear how he’s managing the recent market downturn and his thoughts about investing for the future.

We then called our resident bond expert, Pete. We’ve had Pete on the show before, where he explained the basics of bonds to us (listen to that episode here). We gave him a call to hear how the bond market has been going over the past few weeks. One story he’s had his eye on is the performance of Virgin Australia’s listed bonds – a great illustration of how the bond market can offer insight into the market’s thoughts on a company’s future.

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