Bonus Ep: Will Our Bold Predictions For 2020 Finish Differently?

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2020 has been crazy and there is no doubt it’s going to finish differently to what we anticipated back in January. Given we’re half-way through, we thought we would check-in on our bold predictions, and answer the question ‘will it finish differently?’

For this episode we’ve teamed up with our mates at Jacob’s Creek and their Double Barrel Range, which is, perhaps like 2020, finished differently. Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel is finished in aged whiskey barrels, giving it a smoother, deeper and richer taste. Try it now for 30% off with free shipping. Search Jacob’s Creek Podcast

Some of the bold predictions we review:

  • We will see a company with a $2 trillion market cap
  • AirBNB will be the biggest IPO in 2020
  • US Federal Reserve balance sheet will once again go over $4.5 trillion
  • Australia’s GDP growth will be less than 1.75%
  • India will be the star stock market performer
  • Residential property prices will experience +10% gains in both Sydney and Melbourne

We’re looking forward to seeing how these pan out over the remainder of the year – some very likely to happen, others likely to finish differently!

Remember to drink responsibly.


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