49. The Co-Founder Of BetaShares | Ilan Israelstam

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Exchange Traded Funds 101

True or false? There is an exchange traded fund called ‘Global Millennials ETF (Code: MILN)’ that holds companies that service millenials.

True or false? There is an exchange traded fund called ‘Tobacco Companies ETF (Code: SMK)’ that holds the world’s largest tobacco companies.

Exchange Traded Funds give you the ability to access many different markets and invest in a large range of companies without the need to spend time investing in individual comapnies.

This week we kick off our 3 part series on ETFs with BetaShares, and sit down with the co-founder, Ilan Israelstam. Ilan is Head of Strategy and Marketing at BetaShares and has vast experience in financial services and investing. After spending time in private equity and venture capital, Ilan worked for the world’s leading strategy consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group, before spending 18 months of careful planning to launch BetaShares.

BetaShares is the largest Australian provider of ETFs. This episode we discuss the history of BetaShares, Ilan’s incredibly interesting background and then put his knowledge to the test with a game of exotic ETFs.

Head over to our ETF 101 page for stacks of information on the ETFs BetaShares have on offer, as well as how to get started!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Illan went from starting his first business in university to running BetaShares
  • What BetaShares is
  • Why it’s important that BetaShares is Australian
  • Hoe BetaShares combatted some of the world’s biggest ETF comnpanies

Stocks and resources discussed:

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