S&P500 or ASX200? | Ask Us Anything – May

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As always, the last episode of the month is devoted to answering as many of the questions that have come through from listeners as we possibly can. From Instagram, and Facebook, to our ‘Ask Us Anything’ forum, and old fashioned letters, the questions have been flying in this month. As always, ETFs were a hot topic, as was tax.

In this episode you will learn:

  • about software for tax (or the best way to approach tax time)
  • our thoughts on trying to choose between ASX200 or the S&P500
  • if there is a winner between Vanguard’s A300 fund or High Yield Fund
  • how to access and IPO
  • about the risks with ETF liquidity if there is a run on the market
  • how to decipher the noise between ‘we’re at a market high’ & ‘don’t worry about timing the market’

If you want to ask ANY question, we have a forum just for it – Ask Us Anything Page. Of course, we’ll field questions across all of our channels.

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PS No-one has written a letter to us asking a question… they have sent Christmas cards though!

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