103. Ask Us Anything – February (part 2)

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Due to the number of questions we wanted to answer, we had to split February’s Ask Us Anything over 2 episodes. So here is part 2 – where we answer some of the best questions we’ve received over the last month.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What are 3 major things to look out for when selecting a Financial Advisor
  • How you can go about discovering and then monitoring stocks in the US
  • How to track multiple strategies through the same brokerage account
  • How we think about crowdfunding equity platforms and anything investors should be wary of if they’re thinking about investing
  • What are progressive dividend policies and are they still a concept followed by public companies?
  • How should investors think about the price war for brokerage at the moment? And is the same price war raging for larger investors as well?
  • How options trading works and the difference between covered and naked options
  • How to think about investing in Uranium

Stocks and Resources Discussed:


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