Your Questions: Management, Margins & Fake Meat | Ask Us Anything – July

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We’re back for another Ask Us Anything episode. We take some of the questions asked through our website and the Equity Mates Facebook Discussion Group and answer them on the show.

In this episode we answer questions on:

  • Tax implications of rebalancing your portfolio
  • Investing with COVID uncertainty
  • Participating in share reinvestment plans for international shares
  • The opportunities to invest in the fake meat trend
  • Lessons we’ve learnt since we started the podcast
  • Thoughts on thematic ETFs
  • Determining a ‘good’ management team
  • Investing with options
  • Investing with leverage: margin loans and NAB equity builder
  • Building a core portfolio of overseas ETFs

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  1. Hey you can enroll in international share purchase plans, I am as part of my ESPP. This way I don’t have to pay brokerage through Morgan Stanley. You still pay tax on the dividend but it’s not withheld, to not pay US and ATO tax you also need to fill in the correct withholding forms that way all of the dividend is used for reinvestment.

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