ASK THE EXPERTS: ETF Q&A Special w/ BetaShares

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This episode is the audio recording from our ASK THE EXPERTS: ETF Special with Equity Mates & BetaShares. The session was a live, virtual Q&A with the co-founder of Betashares, Ilan Israelstam.

The questions we ask during the session have all come from the Equity Mates community, and cover a wide variety of topics. The key themes and questions of the night are below:

Building an ETF Portfolio  

  • [5:03] What is an ETF
  • [7:30] With so many ETFs available, it feels like I’m picking stocks – how should my ETF process begin?
  • [12:09] How do you choose what ETF is right for you?
  • [14:36] What is your opinion on ETFs overlapping – index vs industry etc
  • [16:47] How many is too many ETFs?

Comparing ETFs  

  • [18:47] Other than management fees what are other factors to consider when comparing ETFs
  • [21:55] How do you/should you try to ‘value’ an ETF like a normal stock?
  • [26:07] What are some of the common risks associated with investing in ETFs; what can I implement to reduce these risks?

International ETFs: currency hedging, tax

  • [28:55] International ETFs overview – can link in broader tech exposures
  • Why it’s good to pick a locally domiciled product (W8 ben forms etc)
  • [34:00] What is currency hedging, and what is it used for?

LANCE ASKED – [38:37] The great Michael Burry and journalists have been reporting we’re in an ETF bubble. Whilst ETFS make up 90% of my portfolio I’m a little hesitant to continue down this path when I hear things like this.

KIERAN ASKED – [42:08] What are some of the ETFs BetaShare is looking to bring out in the next year?

DANIEL ASKED – [46:04] Are ETFs liquid enough if you need to exit?

SIMONE ASKED – [47:20] Sneakers Vs. Shares: What differences is there when trading the physical (kicks/cars/collectables) and the digital? P.S. best recent pickups for sneakers (read this part out)

SCOTT ASKED – [49:48] If the ETF tracks the ASX 50 and I invest $50, is it $1 into each company equally?

CHRIS ASKED – [51:05] How does rebalancing happen with ETFs?


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