Bonus: Andrew Brown on Afterpay (ASX: APT)

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Afterpay (ASX: APT) has captured the imagination of every Australian investor recently. Up more than 700% since the depths of COVID in March, it is leading a collection of Buy Now, Pay Later stocks that have seen unbelievable returns over the past few months.

The company recently released a share purchase plan (aka capital raising) to the market – selling shares at $66 per share. With a lot of questions in our Equity Mates community around this capital raising, we called Andrew Brown to get his thoughts on the company and the capital raising.

Andrew Brown is the Executive Director of East 72 Holdings, an NSX-listed LIC, and a favourite expert for us here at Equity Mates. He always has interesting opinions and great insights into what’s happening in markets, so we thought there was no one better to get on the phone for a quick bonus episode.

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