Expert Investor: Andrew Brown On Why The Markets And Economy Aren’t Talking

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For the third in 2020 we got Andrew Brown – Executive Director of East72 Holdings – back into the studio to help us understand what’s going on in markets since the collapse in March and subsequent rally since.

Within the Equity Mates community, there has been a lot of discussion as to why the markets are rallying, yet the underlying economic conditions seem to be only getting worse. How does that even make sense? As Andrew seems to have his head screwed on, and a solid grasp and understanding of the mechanics of the economy and markets, we asked if he could unpack it for us.

This is a wide-ranging conversation, where we cover:

  • the market movements of the last 8 weeks
  • the decisions and subsequent impacts of governments and central banks in Australia and the United States
  • the impact of COVID-19 on small business, and the flow-on effect to markets
  • whether or not we are in a bull trap – are there more drops to come?
  • how Andrew is positioning his portfolio, and some specific examples of stocks he is watching
  • gold and oil
  • the importance of investing consistently and being patient
  • capital raisings
  • plus much more!

Andrew has recently written two fantastic articles about coffee can investing (buy and hold) and shares two personal stories (at the expense of himself) to highlight the power of time in the market. The can be found here:

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